Thursday, 15 February 2018

Andrew Cowdell, Oiseau de Dieu (Wren), 2018

Andrew Cowdell, Oiseau de Dieu (Wren), 2018, oil on board, 7 x 5 inches

In Normandy, the wren could be called Oiseau de Dieu (Bird of God). People believed that this bird was present at the birth of Christ, and brought moss and feathers to form a coverlet for the Holy Child. In other parts of the world, the wren was also regarded as a symbol of wisdom and divinity. The spotting of a wren could be taken as a sign that the beholder would be blessed with inner knowledge during the coming year. Finding a creature so small and camouflaged in its habitat was a metaphor for finding the elusive divinity within all life.
We are lucky enough to have a wren who is a regular visitor to our garden. When I spy this tiny creature bobbing between flower pots in pursuit of insects, I too pause to reflect on the wren's secretive life which so often goes unnoticed.

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